Formally, we’re a training, team building, adventure sports and events company based in the UK and Ireland dealing with clients in Europe, Middle East and the Far East. Our team building activities are run by experienced professional teams.

Andrew Shea our Director of Organisational Learning is an HR and Learning & Organisational Development specialist. He is a Fellow of the CIPD ( Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development), a Chartered Occupational Psychologist in the BPS & holds an MSc. in Occupational Psychology.

Pauline O’Driscoll An ex Marketing Manager for a large dairy company in the UK is an experienced event manager and professional actress having worked in NY, UK and Ireland. Pauline manages our events.

Mark O’Driscoll – Our director of sales and keen cyclist. Mark heads up our happy sales team and will deal with any query you may have.

Sandra Coombes – Management Development, HR Consultant Trainer and Coach. Fellow of the CIPD, qualified Coach, NLP practitioner, Qualified Psychometric tester with the BPS, BComm from UCC specialising in Management and Marketing.

Seán Devereux – is head of fun. Having escaped IT after 16 years in pharmaceutical, transport and television companies, he now brings his two favourite things (people and games) together to try and make the workplace just that little bit better, one day at a time.

Plus Michelle, Martin, Roland, Zoltan, Patricia, John and scores of others as part of our events crew.

Safety is of paramount importance to us as it is to our clients. We assess each event being undertaken to ensure that it is safe for participants. Where there is an element of risk, this will always be properly communicated to our clients.



We try, wherever possible, to limit the amount of waste and take a mature and responsible approach to our working practices. e.g.

  • All our batteries are rechargeable
  • As much waste as possible is recycled
  • Electronic invoicing and quotations
  • We follow good practices such as “Leave No Trace” code of ethics