Treasure hunts are one of our most popular activities and there are many examples visible on this website. But just because you can’t see your town or city on our website that doesn’t  mean we can’t do one there. The amazing thing about our app based treasure hunts is the fact they are able to be designed around you and your location.

Our treasure hunts allow for a wide range of exciting team challenges that include problem solving, observation and interaction with the locals. Not only this but our team can monitor how you are doing and throw in live questions.

No need for paper, no waiting around to have papers marked and scores checked. Our GPS  challenges are the business….for your business.

Here’s some examples.

CITY Challenges around Cardiff, Belfast, Birmingham,  Glasgow, London, Newcastle, Winchester, and any sizeable town or city.

So many game options

Answer by free text, multiple choice, take a photo, make a video. Have questions and tasks with or without a time limit. Have questions which require more than one answer. Have a text question or   have your question in a video. How do you want your game branded?

Creative Challenge (indoor version)

Da Vinci Code Challenge (tough, but rewarding)

Other types of treasure hunts..

Apprentice Challenge (raise money for charity)

Spy Games (with great gadgets)