Admit it everyone wants to be a spy. Race against time, defy the ever increasing odds, defeat the evil mastermind and get the girl/guy at the end. What’s not to love? But life doesn’t always let you play spy games, much more important things like work and responsibilities take priority.

Here at we believe that its important to release that inner child every now and again so join us with our Mission Impossible  Spy Games.

This event has everything you need to embrace the hidden spy within you. The day kicks off with a dear team member being kidnapped, the chase is on and the clock in ticking! Your Q for that day will give you fun gadgets, secret codes and clues… all you need to rescue your teammate before it’s too late.


With secret cameras, GPS, invisible inks and more, the world is in your hands.

Some groups make this a full day’s event by combing with LASER COMBAT .

Will it leave you shaken or stirred?

“Spy Games today were awesome, thank you very much indeed!” BLIZZARD