Imagine entering work in the early ’90s. It is a time when office computers, mobile phones, email etc. were not part of our working environment.  We talked on landline phones, and wrote memos on paper.  We clocked in and started work and clocked out before leaving at the end of the day.  In the following years, email, personal mobile phones and a host of new technologies entered the workplace.  Everything would be much easier and faster and now that we could send out 1,000+ CC’s by email without needing a mailman, we wondered what would we do with all of our spare time.



Fast forward 20+ years and mobile technology has resulted in people working from home while having breakfast and in their cars while driving to and from work. It does not end there as many work in the evenings and are still checking their phone while in bed.  Children complain that their parents are in the same room but “not there” when they want interaction.  Today we live in a world of ‘infobesity’ where we may have unlimited information but only a little of it has true nutritional value.


Too many people start their workday by playing a game called “find my work” which is to identify important tasks carefully camouflaged among hundreds of irrelevant emails and messages. To deal with this we respond by attempting to multi task.  Interestingly research into multi tasking has revealed firstly that people who swap between tasks are less productive when measured in terms of speed and quality. It also requires more energy to change focus so burnout is a constant threat.  In the coaching world, the theme of work life balance and emotional health has climbed the rankings and is now one of the dominant areas of discussion. Clearly the world has not evolved as we expected.

Our Working Simply Smarter program  will explore the latest thinking on stress and time management and equip participants with practical tools to increase their effectiveness.


“Andrew is an exceptional consultant who is energetic, resilient and intelligent, always upbeat and motivated. He is an asset for any Learning and Development Projects”. VODAFONE TURKEY

“I have worked closely with Andrew recently. I have seen , at first hand, how he is always focused on the customer and in helping them to achieve their goals. He brings a wealth of MNC and SME experiences, to his role, which are invaluable and very educational. Andrew has, at all times, helped align my business strategy towards achieving my growth plans. He has been an excellent source of advice and guidance to my business unit. CARBON GROUP
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