What is an  MBTI workshop?  Perhaps you manage a team and notice some conflict in the team. Perhaps you tried a team dinner and while being good fun the situation remained unchanged once everyone returned to the office. What if there was a team building day that is lots of fun and at the same time everyone learned something interesting about themselves and their colleagues. What if we could then use this increased awareness to improve relationships and help the team function more successfully. If this is your goal then the MBTI workshop is a strong possibility for you.

The MBTI Team build is designed to complement both a strategy workshop or a lighter team building day.

The MBTI session takes a half day and is highly interactive and delivers learning in a safe and fun environment.

Thank you and your team for the amazing team building event.  It was a wonderful experience for the team to understand one another’s attributes and apply the concepts on team collaboration toward the goal during the second half.  We kept discussing MBTI profile assessment throughout the day and onto the evening activities.  It was definitely a rewarding team activity.” E Ly VMWARE

Teams who book this also book The Box for the afternoon.