How often have you said “Just a Minute”? Probably quite a few times. But how much can actually be done in just a minute? Find out by taking part in this challenge.

In our Just a Minute challenge we have a number of high-energy tabletop group activities using office supplies and everyday household items.

Each challenge is run using a three-step system of demo, practice and competition. Teams learn the value of continuous improvement in an attempt to maximize their score.

Examples of challenges may include: Moving on Up – a fun cup stacking activity, Back Flip – tossing and catching an ever increasing number of pencils, and more! Our unique scoring system keeps the energy flowing and the teams in the thick of the competition throughout the entire event.

The program finishes with an exciting awards ceremony.

Great for daytime teambuilding or after dinner entertainment, this fast-paced event will have everyone laughing, cheering and vying to become Just a Minute champions.

As with all of our programs we are able to customize it to suit your company’s needs just contact us.

We really enjoyed the games thank you,  they were great facilitators.” SEAI

`“Many thanks for looking after us.” PEPSICO

“Brilliant, thanks a million, a lot of fun” St. Fachtna’s de la Salle College