Drumming workshop is a natural Team Building activity. It’s fun, and both relaxing and creatively stimulating at the same time.

It takes people out of their heads and literally into their hands, feet and other senses.

It allows participants to experience a heightened sense of flow and unity as we play together on the African Djembe drums.

The drumming workshop  starts by introducing the basic hand techniques we need and quickly moves into fun rhythm games like Call and Response, Mexican Wave etc. These build confidence and trust.

Then, as the participants start to gain confidence and sound better and better, we begin to build a more complex layered rhythm with the group.

Each sub group performs a different simple rhythm that interlocks to create an impressive overall piece.

Typically individuals feel a great sense of uplift and empowerment as they hear the full rhythm emerge from the individual parts.

A perfect analogy for the team as an organisation of different people working together toward a common goal.

The rhythms we choose are engaging, mesmerising and uplifting.

There is a beautiful and timeless atmosphere shared together when the whole group locks into the rhythm and groove together.