“Deadlines” probably the most common word in a company’s vocabulary. Not usually one used for fun but we hope to change that with this activity.

This is designed for team Assessment and to identity leaders.

DEADLINE is a case oriented strategy game. This game is run using provided tablets that can use our  app. The aim of the game is to help a fashion company plan the procurement, transportation and production of clothes.

The biggest challenge is to solve the given task by choosing a solution that meets the deadline at the lowest cost. Every team is given a huge amount of information at their fingertips, such as raw material prices, production schedules and more.

The work is done under intense time pressure. and just to make things worse, your phone will not stop ringing as it keeps updating you on events that affect your decisions – flooding and trade wars to name a few!

“All in all, a very enjoyable experience..brought individuals together as part of a cohesive unit! Bridges were Built!” BORD GAIS