Everyone has heard of the Da Vinci Code. A brilliant intelligent novel and an exciting movie full of twists and turns that kept you on the edge of your seat. How would you have loved to have been right in the middle of it? That you were the one to decode Da Vinci’s greatest secrets. Well with us you can!

Dive into the Dan Brown’s world as  your team tracks down the ultimate prize, the Holy Grail.

We will take you on a journey through historical and religious sites, armed only with the clues you find to solve the mystery.

There will be tough challenges ahead as not everyone you meet is your friend!
Are you ready to step back in time, embrace the challenge and seek immortality?
We then relax back at the hotel or conference centre for a full review where the winner is revealed.

Choose from our PAPER based version or APP based for an event more fabulous experience!

Our APP based game includes GPS technology, video, photos and timed questions.

Also available is to take the fun of the Da Vinci Code Challenge and do it in the comfort of your indoor venue. Check it out here


 “Having attended many corporate team building events in the past, I can’t think of any that were as much fun as the Da Vinci Code hunt in Cork. We all had a great time, got to meet some interesting people and see much of the beautiful city center. Thanks for organizing such a great event for us!”  EMC 

Thanks a million for yesterday – it was great fun and everyone enjoyed it.  We will be recommending to our colleagues. RSA

” Everyone enjoyed themselves, it was a very successful afternoon.” NOVO NORDISK