Ah the humble table quiz. How can you improve on the formula of this fun night activity? Maybe by bringing it into the 21st century? Our app certainly does this.

Our app is a mix of quiz, treasure hunt and different challenges all rolled into one which will spice up any company social event.

Race to find the answers, work with the props (and maybe even other teams! if you are willing to share the points) to gain the highest score.

There are tasks based on observation. Tasks based on problem solving, Tasks that will challenge your creativity and get you moving all without having to leave your venue!

There are a wide number of rounds like Great Britain Replication, Camera, Music,  Random, Riddles, so there is bound to be something for everyone and you might even find hidden talents from your teammates you knew nothing about. All in all you’ve plenty to keep you entertained throughout this 2 hours event.

Afterwards we give you copies of the videos and photos your teams have taken to remember this event in the years to come.


It was a great night! Everyone is praising it this morning” BORD GAIS

“The feedback today has been really positive and I think people really got into to it as the time passed. People really appreciated the time available to get to know their work colleagues in a different environment.” LILLY

“Thanks a million for everything on Thursday. The team building exercise went perfectly and created a great buzz during the day.” JANSSEN

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