We have teamed up with the HARBOUR HOTEL Galway  to give you the chance to win  our  DA VINCI CODE CHALLENGE, a tough yet rewarding  outdoor team building game designed by TeamBuild.ie. Our Da Vinci Code Challenge is based  on the best-selling novel and hit film, your team must track down the ultimate prize, the Holy Grail. Your search will take you to historical and religious sites, and armed only with the clues you find, you must solve the mystery. You have some tough challenges ahead as not everyone you meet is your friend! Are you ready to step back in time, embrace the challenge and seek immortality? We then relax back at the Harbour Hotel  where the winner is revealed.




  • Answer this simple  question:  Which city are we offering this FREE team  event in?

A) Galway B) Istanbul C) Cork

  • Send your entry to harbour@teambuild.ie
  • Entitle your email Harbour Competition 
  • You must include your name, company email address, company name, position  and phone number.
  • We will accept multiple entries from a company, but only one entry per email address. So get your colleagues to enter for a greater  chance of winning.

Da Vinci Code Challenge


  • All participants must work for the winning  company. Any company putting forward participants who are not from the winning company, will be disqualified from particpating.
  • All participants must be over 18.
  • Only 1 answer per individual email address. Entries will be shared with the Habour Hotel and TeamBuild.ie
  • Multiple answers will be accepted from any company.
  • Correct answers will be put into a hat and the winner will be drawn at the end of APRIL.
  • Winner will be notified by telephone  with a follow up email. If we cannot speak with the winner after 24 hours of the draw, a 2nd draw will be made.
  • Prize is for up to 20 people & includes refreshments (before or after the team building event) , room hire and our Da Vinci Code Challenge.
  • Habour HotelTeamBuild.ie  reserve the right to change ANY aspect of the prize. The winner will be notified of any changes.
  • Event will be videoed and/ photographed and used for marketing (your company will not be named).
  • Event will run for approx. 3.5 hours (excluding refreshments)
  • Prize must be booked before the before the end of May (excluding a Friday or Saturday)
  • Da Vinci Challenge  must take place between 9am & 6pm.


Best of luck everyone!

Regards the Harbour Hotel & TeamBuild.ie teams