Welcome to the Southampton Treasure Hunt.  This is a fun and informative high-tech activity which will fully engage all of your group’s strengths.  It will introduce, or let you rediscover areas and activities in this busy port.

The Treasure Hunt works off a GPS app which is operated on a 7″ Tablet.  Teamwork is a priority and we tailor each and every Treasure Hunt to the specific group taking part.

You will operate as part of a team to solve logic, activity and photographic challenges.  Each team member will be challenged to their strengths.

We provide a photographic log of your day’s events.

Game options:-

  • We provide a  7″ tablet per team
  • Full Branding with your logo and company colours
  • Question format – free text, multiple choice, actions, photos, video, timed questions and more
  • Add in your own questions if you want.
  • Copies of the photos sent to you afterwards or displayed that night over dinner*

“You struck a perfect balance of diverse activities & challenges mixing the mental with the physical while keeping everyone enthused & entertained. Well done to you and the team! Sean, if you ever need a reference for your services, please do not hesitate to contact me.” MITSUBISHI UFJ Securities International plc

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*optional extra

Welcome to the Glasgow Treasure Hunt, the Glasgow City Challenge.  Using our high-tech App we will encourages you to explore this beautiful and unique city in an entirely different way.  You will learn new facts about it, yourself and your teammates whilst engaging in a fun and stimulating journey.

We tailor each Treasure Hunt to your specifications and we can also insert questions that would be specific to your Company.  There are different levels of difficulty within each hunt which will appeal to all members of your group.

This is a fun, informative group activity which will allow you to see Glasgow in a unique and enjoyable way

Let us introduce you to the People’s Palace in Glasgow Green, the Necropolis, the Sharmanka Kinetic Theatre, Charles Rennie Macintosh School of Art, Glasgow Cathedral, the Tron Theatre and much, much more.

We provide:

  •  7″ tablet per team.
  • Full Branding with your logo and Company colours
  • Question format – free text, multiple choice, actions, photos, video, timed questions and more.
  • Option to add your own questions.
  • Copies of photos sent to you afterwards, or displayed that night over dinner.*

It was really a fantastic day. It had the right amount of fun but also required that we were under a bit of pressure and had to work together. Even the bad weather didn’t dampen our spirits.Our Team are all still talking about it and I would definitely recommend this activity to other teams   NOVARTIS

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*optional extra


Our famous Basingstoke  Treasure Hunt, the Basingstoke  Challenge, using our high tech GPS APP,   is great fun and very rewarding. Exploring the town centre and dealing with people  has never been so much fun.

Team Treasure hunts can be tailored individually.  We can insert specific questions as you require. Best of all, photos taken during the day can be sent to you so that you can fully relive the event.

Festival Place,Willis Museum,  Holy Ghost Church, Haymarket Theatre and more as you  explore this 1000 year old town and all it has to offer. Learn about it’s past, it’s famous people and enjoy the sights and sounds of this vibrant town. If you enjoy a treasure hunt Basingstoke is a great place

Game options:-

  • We provide a  7″ tablet per team
  • Full Branding with your logo and company colours
  • Question format – free text, multiple choice, actions, photos, video, timed questions and more
  • Add in your own questions if you want.
  • Copies of the photos sent to you afterwards or displayed that night over dinner*

It was really a fantastic day. It had the right amount of fun but also required that we were under a bit of pressure and had to work together. Even the bad weather didn’t dampen our spirits.Our Team are all still talking about it and I would definitely recommend this activity to other teams” NOVARTIS

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*optional extra

Treasure hunts are one of our most popular activities and there are many examples visible on this website. But just because you can’t see your town or city on our website that doesn’t  mean we can’t do one there. The amazing thing about our app based treasure hunts is the fact they are able to be designed around you and your location.

Our treasure hunts allow for a wide range of exciting team challenges that include problem solving, observation and interaction with the locals. Not only this but our team can monitor how you are doing and throw in live questions.

No need for paper, no waiting around to have papers marked and scores checked. Our GPS  challenges are the business….for your business.

Here’s some examples.

CITY Challenges around Cardiff, Belfast, Birmingham,  Glasgow, London, Newcastle, Winchester, and any sizeable town or city.

So many game options

Answer by free text, multiple choice, take a photo, make a video. Have questions and tasks with or without a time limit. Have questions which require more than one answer. Have a text question or   have your question in a video. How do you want your game branded?

Creative Challenge (indoor version)

Da Vinci Code Challenge (tough, but rewarding)

Other types of treasure hunts..

Apprentice Challenge (raise money for charity)

Spy Games (with great gadgets)

The Box is one of our most popular indoor team building games.

It is perfect for people who want something fun, inexpensive and a variety of games to accompany your team meeting or conference.

How it works is we come to your event with our Box full of games and exercises. We then encourage your to get moving and having fun by splitting them into smaller teams to get the competitive juices flowing.

This fast paced event will stimulate your team as they try and earn the most money in the set time limit by hiring materials from THE BOX and completing the task. Fail and the earnings go towards the other team.

Perfect as an afternoon’s event  with MBTI “light” workshop in the morning.

“I would highly recommend ‘The Box’ event – Despite a busy day this event kept us enthusiastic for the entire duration and was great fun”.  ACTAVIS

Feedback has been excellent and the day was enjoyed by all. Morten & Carten’s facilitating were a great addition to the challenges. We will definitely be back in touch again.  SAGE




Ah the humble table quiz. How can you improve on the formula of this fun night activity? Maybe by bringing it into the 21st century? Our app certainly does this.

Our app is a mix of quiz, treasure hunt and different challenges all rolled into one which will spice up any company social event.

Race to find the answers, work with the props (and maybe even other teams! if you are willing to share the points) to gain the highest score.

There are tasks based on observation. Tasks based on problem solving, Tasks that will challenge your creativity and get you moving all without having to leave your venue!

There are a wide number of rounds like Great Britain Replication, Camera, Music,  Random, Riddles, so there is bound to be something for everyone and you might even find hidden talents from your teammates you knew nothing about. All in all you’ve plenty to keep you entertained throughout this 2 hours event.

Afterwards we give you copies of the videos and photos your teams have taken to remember this event in the years to come.


It was a great night! Everyone is praising it this morning” BORD GAIS

“The feedback today has been really positive and I think people really got into to it as the time passed. People really appreciated the time available to get to know their work colleagues in a different environment.” LILLY

“Thanks a million for everything on Thursday. The team building exercise went perfectly and created a great buzz during the day.” JANSSEN

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Our famous London city Treasure Hunt, the London City  Challenge, using our APP,   is great fun and very rewarding. Exploring the city centre has never been so much fun.

We start with a briefing, then divide into teams of 4-7 players.

Game options:-

  • We provide a  7″ tablet per team
  • Full Branding with your logo and company colours
  • Question format – free text, multiple choice, actions, photos, video, timed questions.
  • Add in your own questions if you wish!
  • Copies of the photos sent to you afterwards or displayed that night over dinner

We had a really great time on the treasure hunt, everyone got stuck in which was super. The whole thing ran really smoothly, we would definitely recommend you guys to other agencies.” VIZEUM

Many thanks to you and your team for the perfectly organized Team event. I only heard great feedback” KROMBACHER



How often have you said “Just a Minute”? Probably quite a few times. But how much can actually be done in just a minute? Find out by taking part in this challenge.

In our Just a Minute challenge we have a number of high-energy tabletop group activities using office supplies and everyday household items.

Each challenge is run using a three-step system of demo, practice and competition. Teams learn the value of continuous improvement in an attempt to maximize their score.

Examples of challenges may include: Moving on Up – a fun cup stacking activity, Back Flip – tossing and catching an ever increasing number of pencils, and more! Our unique scoring system keeps the energy flowing and the teams in the thick of the competition throughout the entire event.

The program finishes with an exciting awards ceremony.

Great for daytime teambuilding or after dinner entertainment, this fast-paced event will have everyone laughing, cheering and vying to become Just a Minute champions.

As with all of our programs we are able to customize it to suit your company’s needs just contact us.

We really enjoyed the games thank you,  they were great facilitators.” SEAI

`“Many thanks for looking after us.” PEPSICO

“Brilliant, thanks a million, a lot of fun” St. Fachtna’s de la Salle College

Escape Room team building is based on the Japanese online game ‘Takagism’,  Our Escape Room challenge is a real-life room escape game based on the Japanese online game ‘Takagism’. It requires that your team works together to solve hidden puzzles in order to escape a locked themed room within 1 hour.

Each team is locked in a room with a tablet to guide them and props and PC access. They must use the clues to work out to release themselves before time runs out.

By bringing this the popular online game into real life it gives players the opportunity to use their intelligence, intuition and teamwork skills to accomplish this challenging and unique task. Which brings a exciting new concept to team building.

“did a great job and the feedback has been very good from our team.  It was a great session for us”  AIB

Always wanted to travel the world yet never could find the time? Join us with our World Vision and finally get the time to see the modern and ancient wonders of our world with this APP based game, all within the comfort of your conference room!

This fun competition can handle both small and large groups and even groups who have time constraints as this can be done is as little as an hour.

World Vision is a test of history and geography as well as being informative. Available in many languages, its a world game for a world audience.

  • Multiple languages available
  • Can be played worldwide
  •  Challenging & rewarding

Our corporate race nights bring all the excitement of a “Day at the Races” to your venue! This event is staffed by a professional compère and experienced tote staff. We use a large screen video projection system and high quality PA with horse racing video footage from various courses in the country including both jump and flat races.

Guests are invited to place bets with fun money, which can also be personalised to your company, as can the race cards.

Corporate race nights are fundamentally different to Fund Raising race nights, with no real money involved and we operate a format based strongly on fun and entertainment. Guests can bet individually or as teams, usually denoted by the table they are sitting at, and are all given fun money as the event opens. The person or team with the most money at the end of the event wins the prize!

Before our corporate race night starts our compère and tote sellers will introduce themselves to the guests, before handing out the fun money and branded race cards.

The race cards contain instructions but the compère will also verbally explain the format to the guests. Once the formalities are over and the form guide perused, the odds are announced and the bets are placed at the tote booths.

When the race finishes the winners will go to the tote booths and collect their winnings. A typical Corporate Race Night has four to eight races and lasts for around 2 hours.

At the end of the event the team will the most fun money are the winners, prizes are awarded to the top scoring teams! Race Nights are just one of the many types of Fun Evening Entertainment that we can offer.

Completely customisable and brand-able, DIGIQUIZ is the most advanced quiz on the market today. Fantastic for company specific Team Building and Induction, it also works very well for corporate social events, voting at conferences, feedback at marketing events and fundraising! As the ultimate table quiz or real time data collector, The DIGIQUIZ makes any event so much more interactive, fun and original.


How it works?

The quiz or survey questions and layout are designed and customised/branded in advance of event.

A standard suite of general and category specific quiz questions are also available as part of the offering.

  • The quiz is completely mobile and can be implemented in any location where power is available
  • Participants use hand held controllers or “buzzers” to answer questions or vote!
  • Answers and information become available and points are allotted in real time – Instant Results!
  • Answers, information and leader board can be presented graphically and in real time
  • A Compere/Quiz Master greatly enhances the event and comes with the Package
  • Giant Games Rounds add fun and a light relief from the question rounds.

Many thanks for such a great event yesterday, Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves!” COCA COLA

This is a fun team-based event that provides a great lead-in to a celebratory evening meal; an ideal ending to a team meeting, away day or conference.

Our wine tasting starts with a light-hearted introduction to the art of wine tasting.We quickly move onto the wine tasting itself with participants working in small teams – 3, 4 or 5 per team is ideal – trying each wine in turn.

The format of the wine-tasting is that of a typical “pub-quiz” but with our interactive APP based challenges on 7″ tablets, branded with your company logo, with each group having a limited time to taste and decide upon their answers for each wine. There are typically four rounds – reds, quickfire wine quiz, whites, and match the price with the wine. We select good quality wines representing major grape varieties and wine producing regions from around the world. All wines tasted are readily available from good wine merchants so if you have a particular favourite you’ll be able to get hold a case or two! We maintain a quick pace – the laughter and noise builds as the tasting progresses!

At the end of the wine tasting, we quickly score up and award prizes to the top- scoring teams – this could involve participants selecting a favourite wine from all those tasted or selecting a wine prize such as designer corkscrew.

The wine tasting typically lasts about an hour and a half. All wines are provided and, perhaps uniquely to our wine-tasting event, we allow all guests to choose how much (or how little) they want of each wine. No stingy pre-poured measures here! You can even have a bit more of a wine that particularly takes your fancy.

The wine tasting event is ideal as a stand alone team event or to follow one of our other team building activities.

Team Building at Castlemartyr has never been so much fun. Our on site GPS driven treasure hunt using the latest app technology on tablets guides you through the estate. Written especially for the resort, you travel in and around the river, meadows, castle, woodland trails, lawns, lodges, clubhouse, church ruins and the village.

  • Write your answer
  • Choose from multiple choice
  • Timed questions
  • Add your own questions (optional)
  • Branding of game (optional)
  • Take a photograph
  • Make a video
  • Off Challenge photos
  • Fully adaptable to your needs

“Thanks again and to your team for an excellent adventure.” ABTRAN

“Absolutely fantastic event, thanks so much” SHISEIDO

“a great afternoon, thanks for everything LAYA

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Everyone has heard of the Da Vinci Code. A brilliant intelligent novel and an exciting movie full of twists and turns that kept you on the edge of your seat. How would you have loved to have been right in the middle of it? That you were the one to decode Da Vinci’s greatest secrets. Well with us you can!

Dive into the Dan Brown’s world as  your team tracks down the ultimate prize, the Holy Grail.

We will take you on a journey through historical and religious sites, armed only with the clues you find to solve the mystery.

There will be tough challenges ahead as not everyone you meet is your friend!
Are you ready to step back in time, embrace the challenge and seek immortality?
We then relax back at the hotel or conference centre for a full review where the winner is revealed.

Choose from our PAPER based version or APP based for an event more fabulous experience!

Our APP based game includes GPS technology, video, photos and timed questions.

Also available is to take the fun of the Da Vinci Code Challenge and do it in the comfort of your indoor venue. Check it out here


 “Having attended many corporate team building events in the past, I can’t think of any that were as much fun as the Da Vinci Code hunt in Cork. We all had a great time, got to meet some interesting people and see much of the beautiful city center. Thanks for organizing such a great event for us!”  EMC 

Thanks a million for yesterday – it was great fun and everyone enjoyed it.  We will be recommending to our colleagues. RSA

” Everyone enjoyed themselves, it was a very successful afternoon.” NOVO NORDISK

Code Hunt; A quick and entertaining team building energizer for those who need a breather between conference sessions.

In this game, participants are challenged to find codes that are hidden inside or outside the meeting venue. Once found, each code is entered into the tablet based APP , triggering a trivia question or brain teaser for the team to solve. The more codes you find, the greater the chance of answering more questions and beating your colleagues!

The game can also be designed to get people from A to B, or to feature a venue like a new office or a hotel!

 it was a very successful event and thoroughly enjoyed PEPSICO

In our Christmas Treasure Hunt, can you help Santa by finding all the items on his list as you run round the city. Using our  GPS APP you have to take photos,video  interact with the locals, find the clues and basically enjoy yourselves as you walk around the town. A light hearted event to end a busy year for your team before you go into dinner to perhaps enjoy our casino night or murder mystery.

Uses GPS app based technology, can be run in any city or major town in the UK.

Simply brilliant, it ended the year nicely, thanks for a well planned event” White Systems

“Thank you, great craic” ACTIONPOINT

Why not enjoy our Murder Mystery afterwards?


You asked for it so we created it. Here is the Da Vinci Code INDOOR app treasure hunt for when you want to experience our popular OUTDOOR city based treasure hunt in the comfort of your venue.

Each team, gets props and tablets provided by TeamBuild which runs the APP. This then guides you on your quest to find the holy grail. Hunting round the venue, internet searches and working out riddles, in the shadow of Dr  Robert Langdon.

Thank you very much for running this for us. Asking around the team everyone really liked it and we appreciated the effort you invested.” BLIZZARD



Did you ever want to become a director or an actor/actress? Well Movie Making allows you to live out these dreams while also bringing out your creative spirit.

We provide all of the professional equipment required to create a high quality film – you provide the creativity and performance.

Your group is divided into teams who will then work out what role they want to play. There is then a planning stage where teams will come up with a theme (or this can be pre-arranged) for their movie and create a storyboard of scenes/shots that they want to film.

Groups write, rehearse, select props and costumes… then filming begins. The more creative you can be, the more impressive the end result.

All the movies are self edited as you shoot. That means all the films can be watched (and judged) at the end of the event.

It is fun, exciting and always gives a fantastic day with entertaining results.

If you have the budget, you may decide to combine film making with a themed Oscars Ceremony. Tearful acceptance speeches are made, as the independent panel of expert judges hand out awards such as…

Best Actor/Actress

Best / silliest comedy film prop use or costume

Best Movie

Best performance with clearly the least acting talent

The ceremony takes place over an exclusive VIP dinner party, black tie is of course mandatory. Please note that this is not included in the standard Movie Making event but do ask our team for more info.

Film making event benefits

We send you copies of your films post-event. Which means you can use this event to promote your company or team values.  They can be kept to be shared with the rest of the company.

The Run brings out your inner constructor with this collaborative indoor construction event. Teams are given the task to design and construct a device that is able deliver a shipping of  marbles within the given time and design constraints.

Therefore timing and teamwork is everything as you have to be in sync with the other teams.

Sounds easy? Wait until you hear the big catch of the day, only your chief engineer may liaise with the other teams and you can only see the other devices when it’s time to go live.

How It’s Done.
The group is divided into two or more separate teams. Each team’s task is to construct a marble path with the material provided. At the end, the type of construction and the balls’ running times should be the same.

“very interesting exercise, thank you TSB

Our Role Play actors have broad experience of working in the business sector and are skilled at delivering professional  feedback. They have utmost respect for their corporate role-play training work and will approach your project with dedication and enthusiasm in addition to being well prepared.

Many of the actors we provide to businesses have extensive careers in TV and film bringing a high level of skill to your corporate-film production.

Why use Role play actors  for training?  There are many reasons why using actors within your organisation can benefit you…

  • drama school qualified
  • trained specifically in roleplay techniques
  • experienced in organisational settings
  • trained to deliver feedback “in character”
  • Neutral as they’re outsiders

An actor isn’t embarrassed to create an awkward scene, act out a difficult scenario or react to delegates’ ideas for alternative methods of dealing with a suggestion.

An actor retains his persona, using his drama skills to react as his character and not as himself.

As outsiders to your organisation, our roleplay actors sidestep the established relationships and hierarchies within the workplace. Delegates aren’t faced with the awkwardness of roleplaying against a manager.

Actors with genuine reactions also make training dynamic and memorable and are able to re-enact the same scene over again. At an event, for instance, they are able to reproduce the same lines throughout, with a consistent level of enthusiasm and engagement.

This program prepares line managers to act as observers and assessors on assessment centres. The training will be hands on and will look at the role of assessors, the competency models and rating scales as well as delivering feedback to help the candidates create a development plan.

The Stress and Time Management program supports people to increase innovation and improve problem solving in their teams.  The focus is on ensuring they have the skills to analyse problems & create innovative solutions.  Real challenges will be utilised to test the tools and generate useful solutions while on the program. Participants will be challenged to deploy these new solutions when they return to their workplace.

Assessment Centre, a structured assessment processes have a lot to offer when it comes to improving the quality of people decisions.  Organisations can deploy assessment centres to improve recruitment decisions and development centres to identify future talent.  This structured assessment programme builds on the resourcing skills of HR managers so they can design & deliver their own assessment centres. Talk to us about managing  assessment centres for your organisation

The Coaching Academy’s main objective is to equip participants with new skills so they can operate as competent development coaches and tackle more complex challenges.   

The Coaching Academy’s main objective is to equip participants with new skills so they can operate as competent development coaches. The training will use accelerated learning principles & go beyond the theory so the learning can be applied successfully back in the workplace


Our Customer Oriented Strategy program supports leaders to understand strategy & improve the customer orientation in their teams. The focus is on the ensuring they have the practical tools and skills to understand customer centricity and to define new customer orientated solutions. We will use the tools on real company problems and generate useful solutions while on the programme

“Thanks for putting on a good event last week”P66

Boil them, fry them, scramble them or bake them there are a hundred and one ways to crack an egg but that is not the aim of the game here.

This is an eggcellent team building event, that’ll shell have them cracking up and that’s not a yoke. Sorry, we could not resist! (and be warned we have plenty more puns ready on the day)

In these series of challenges, each involving a egg you must do your best to protect from breaking. Throw it, catch it, defend it, taste it.

Do whatever you have to save as many as you can. If you can’t,  don’t beat yourself up

“After a project in which the team were’ mentally “fried albumin” year, we really needed this “break out of our shells” 😀  A job well done guys and thank you.” WHITE SYSTEMS 


An art class with a huge difference.We will have a professional artist on hand that will teach you the basics on how to use the colours and brushes.

We then divide you into teams and ask each team to draw a section of a painting. Each team will be told they will be marked on whoever does the best job.

Unknown to the teams, however each team will have completed the whole thing over many canvases and a stunning piece to take back to the office and amaze your colleagues.

Choose from..

well known masterpiece

a especially professional  designed graphic based on your company (it’s products, values, people etc)

“Thank you, was a lot of fun” KERRY GROUP

A super-fast high engery choir experience where your team will learn a full song within an hour. Your team will be buzzing with energy and amazed by what they have achieved together under the leadership of our professional singers.

Archery meets Dodgeball, meets laser tag. Enjoy shooting our safe arrows at your opponents as you try to win the game. Dive for cover as the arrows come flying in and then advance to their position in a bid to shoot their target and get a point for your team. If you like the “Hunger Games” books and films, you’ll love this sport.

Using safe arrows designed especially for this type of sport and masks to protect your head, we can assure you it’s a safe fun option.

“Thanks a million for everything. Feedback from the group was fantastic. Everyone had a great day out.” BOSTON SCIENTIFIC

Laser Clay Shooting. Are you an experienced marksman or have you never picked up a gun before? It doesn’t matter you’ll love this sport.

These are REAL shotguns that have been re-modelled to fire nothing more than an infrared beam at clays launched from a traditional clay launcher. The Result… all the excitement of a traditional clay pigeon shoot without any of the associated dangers.

Clay Shooting can be run as an individual or team event at any of our preferred sites in Cork or we can come to you, anywhere nationwide, if you have a suitable location we can use.

“I believe the Laser Clay Shooting was one of the best moment they had during their stay in Ireland and they also really enjoyed your humour and fun you bring into it. I was really worried with the weather condition but thanks to you and your experience it was just a funny moment.” ADVANTAGE  ICO

“Everyone had a really good weekend. People really enjoyed the Clay Pigeon shooting… it has been a pleasure dealing with you.”   CITCO

Nock, Cock Fletch, Vane and Quiver are just some of the strange archery  terms you will learn with our G.N.A.S qualified instructors when doing this most ancient of sports. Serious coaching mixed with fun and games ensure that even if you’re a novice, our instructors  will get you right on target.

Whether you are a novice learning to hit the board or an experienced hand always going for the centre,  we have games for individual or teams.

  • Left and right handed bows
  • Drawing weights to suit adults and kids
  • FITA targets
  • Straw butts

“We all left able to hit the target, amazing considering none of us had never lifted up a bow before” AMAZON

Our lively event team will issue each team with both a ‘tool box’ and the raw materials required to construct a grand prix winning mean machine.

The teams will have a 40 minute construction period in which different team members will be able to take charge of different aspects of the challenge such as suspension, aesthetics and the engine.

At the end of the set construction period the teams will be cajoled into a period of testing and fine tuning before the big race.

During the Big Race, each client team will be judged by our lively team on how far their mean machine can travel and the design of their roadster. Teams will go 2 at a time and the leader will be updated after each bout.

This final race serves as a hilarious grand finale to an energized and refreshing hour of team building.

“that was a lot of fun, thank you” ST PATS

In Laser Tag, Leadership skills, ingenuity, imagination, tactical planning, time management and above all teamwork are essential if players are to meet their objectives in these adrenaline fueled action packed laser war games.
Based on the same laser technology as used by the military, this activity is guaranteed to get your teams hearts thumping and minds racing…
Imagine the scenario: You’re tired, your team is down to 6 men, you have 20 bullets left and the enemy is out there, somewhere, about to attack again at any moment.
You must defend the base at all costs, the lives of your teammates depend on it, so check if your ammo is loaded, keep your eyes open and your head down.
No Pain, No Bruising, No Paint, No Masks, No Goggles, No Environmental Damage!


Laser Tag Locations – Any hotel with suitable grounds nationwide

thank you so much, you guys were ace.” SHARKY&GEORGE London

“it was a great day and very well organized and I will definitely spread the word – not only within EMC” EMC

“Thanks to you and your team for a great afternoon.” VMWARE 

Like Bingo, but instead of balls out of a machine, the “caller” shouts out his or her category from a square,  Each square relates to an interest, hobby, life experience. The first person to have their card filled is the winner.

Who’d have thought quiet Mary in accounts was a Wing Walker or “cocky Colm”  from Sales was actually a philatelist.

This may be first thing in the morning following a celebratory night or during the ‘graveyard slot’ after lunch when bellies are full and minds are elsewhere!  Short, funky and incredibly effective, Beat The Team is the answer to any potential lull in your conference programme.

This off-the-wall, musical pick-me-up is guaranteed to liven up the most challenging audience and will inject life and vigour into your meeting.  A hilarious, tongue-in-cheek rhythmic exercise, Body Rap is music – but not as you know it!

The Dinner Game is an entertaining quiz where teams are challenged to solve fun questions before, during or after dinner.

The game is designed to entertain, bring out laughter and initiate fun discussions. It’s the prefect ice breaker! The teams are made up of 3-8 people and the game is run in a series of rounds. Depending on their particular strengths the teams chooses what level of difficulty they want to go for. Time is short so choosing the right strategy is vital!

Two formats to choose from to make the perfect quiz night.

MC format, our professional MC reads out the questions or shows you a photo or video displayed on our big screen and the teams answer these on the tablet. This creates a traditional quiz type event where all teams are answering the same questions at the same time.

Another Dinner Game option is to have teams run independently going at whatever speed they choose and answer any topic they choose with  questions displayed on the tablet. Teams can be on different questions or event different topics.

Topics generally include sports, history, geography, politics, entertainment and it that was not enough to choose from we can even add questions of your choice, such as your own company or team project.

Tailor the activity by embedding corporate specific missions. This is a great way to make the experience even more engaging!

A great night, thank you. Your murder mystery last year, the Dinner Game this year, can’t wait for what you planned for us next year 😀 “ HSBC

“Thanks a million for last night, everyone really enjoyed itMERCK

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Casino Night, always a popular choice. Fancy a taste of Las Vegas without the long haul flight? With Black Jack & Roulette tables, & croupiers to keep you entertained, We can provide everything you need for the perfect casino night experience. Whether it be a corporate event for 500 or a birthday party at home, we have a casino night your guests will remember for a long time to come.

Double Roulette Table over 17 foot long
Single Rouelette Tables
Large Roulette Wheel
Black Jack Tables
Canned Lighting
Professional MC
Professional DJ
Friendly Croupiers

“Thank you so much for well organised the Casino night, it was a great everyone was playing. We really enjoyed the night.” MACOM

We can host the perfect Murder Mystery Party. So whether you want a murder mystery night or a murder mystery weekend why not let us organise it for you.
Popular murder mystery themes/scripts include Victorian England, Wild West, The Sopranos, 1920s Glamour and Tropical Island. Or maybe you want something around your brand or product launch?
We use tested scripts with real professional  actors and can even help with the costumes* for your guests and sets* and prop*, transforming any dining room to fit the chosen theme/script.

Private room in the hotel or restaurant  of your choice required unless you take up the entire restaurant.

*optional extras

We had a fantastic time. The actors were absolutely brilliant, very professional and interacted very well with our group. I would have no hesitation in recommending you to my colleagues.

 I can’t thank you and the team enough for this event.  The feedback has been amazing, people thought the 3 actors were superb!  They entertained us for the whole evening, from the moment they entered the room until they left to a standing ovation from our team they were outstanding.  A truly memorable evening.” PEPSICO

without doubt, the best murder mystery we have ever had, the actors were just excellent SHISEIDO

Oh it was fantastic! We were laughing for hours straight!! IPSEN

Admit it everyone wants to be a spy. Race against time, defy the ever increasing odds, defeat the evil mastermind and get the girl/guy at the end. What’s not to love? But life doesn’t always let you play spy games, much more important things like work and responsibilities take priority.

Here at TeamBuild.uk.com we believe that its important to release that inner child every now and again so join us with our Mission Impossible  Spy Games.

This event has everything you need to embrace the hidden spy within you. The day kicks off with a dear team member being kidnapped, the chase is on and the clock in ticking! Your Q for that day will give you fun gadgets, secret codes and clues… all you need to rescue your teammate before it’s too late.


With secret cameras, GPS, invisible inks and more, the world is in your hands.

Some groups make this a full day’s event by combing with LASER COMBAT .

Will it leave you shaken or stirred?

“Spy Games today were awesome, thank you very much indeed!” BLIZZARD

What is an  MBTI workshop?  Perhaps you manage a team and notice some conflict in the team. Perhaps you tried a team dinner and while being good fun the situation remained unchanged once everyone returned to the office. What if there was a team building day that is lots of fun and at the same time everyone learned something interesting about themselves and their colleagues. What if we could then use this increased awareness to improve relationships and help the team function more successfully. If this is your goal then the MBTI workshop is a strong possibility for you.

The MBTI Team build is designed to complement both a strategy workshop or a lighter team building day.

The MBTI session takes a half day and is highly interactive and delivers learning in a safe and fun environment.

Thank you and your team for the amazing team building event.  It was a wonderful experience for the team to understand one another’s attributes and apply the concepts on team collaboration toward the goal during the second half.  We kept discussing MBTI profile assessment throughout the day and onto the evening activities.  It was definitely a rewarding team activity.” E Ly VMWARE

Teams who book this also book The Box for the afternoon.

With traditional team building games like Giant Kerplunk and Giant Operation all the way up the Archery Tagging and Bubble Soccer, we have all you need for your summer BBQ or Christmas party.

  • Skittles
  • Giant Operation
  • Giant Draughts
  • Giant Chess
  • Giant Connect Four
  • Giant Buzzer
  • Giant Kerplunk
  • Giant Jack Straws
  • Giant Twister
  • Giant Snakes and Ladders
  • Giant Jenga
  • Laser Clay Shooting
  • Archery Tagging
  • Family Archery
  • and more


“Your company came highly recommended from Anne Cronin from the CORK CONVENTION BUREAU. from our first visit we had total confidence in your expertise and we could tell from the meeting at Fota that together we could make this event a success.  The feedback has been tremendous, everyone had a great time. We again would like to thank you and your team for making this event one to remember for a long time”Mary O’Keeffe,PFIZER

The trill of impulse buying without the commitment. This auctioneering game has teams bidding in order to win the day.

Blind bidding is an exciting team challenge. With only the briefest of detail, teams have to bid for the challenges on offer.
What will be your strategy…low risk events or complex high risks offering maximum points?

Teams then have to complete their challenges within the time and gain the prize. Great fun, can be indoors or out.

This is similar to THE BOX event we also run but with added mystery.

“On behalf of the team I just wanted to say a really big thank you for your enthusiasm and energy at last Friday’s team building event. To a man (and woman!) we left on a high and talked about how much fun we had had – I certainly slept well in the evening. I would say the event is very well run. Happy to promote your company to the great and good around the globe!”   UNILIVER UK

Need something quick and entertaining? Happy Snapper is the perfect fit. This team building event designed to take place at your work or conference centre.

Teams are given your own digital camera, costumes and props. The photos are then printed out and displayed imaginatively. Thus creating your own unique story which they must then present to the whole group.
Prizes can be made available for best story, best make up, best original story, best artwork etc.

You can also upgrade by turning your stories into movies with our professional actors and film crews.

 ” Thank you so much for such a wonderful night’s entertainment the group are still talking about it!  What a great event lot’s of fun had by all!” 
Tourism Ireland

Take a jump in time with out Medieval team building event.

Struggle against our challenges to collect enough tools to be able to designs and build a Trebuchet. Use it to knock down your enemies castle wall and be crowned ruler. (Do Not use it against TeamBuild.uk.com as revenge for our difficult challenges)

Your trebuchets must fire accurately at the opponents wall and raze it to the ground in a set number of shots. A great event for groups large and small, this creative yet action packed team building event from TeamBuild.uk.com is a winner everytime.

Your team has enjoyed another successful year. To date, you have made all the obvious improvements and your team is working hard.

However, with success comes more challenges mean that you will be required to meet more stretching targets next year. Your challenge will be how to get your team to re-calibrate their performance and identify what they are doing well and what can be changed so they respond proactively to next years challenges. A facilitated Team Strategy Day can help you to do this by deploying all of the team co-ordination and process tasks to an neutral facilitator. This enables you to focus on on your role as team leader so you see the opportunities and take the appropriate action.

Every facilitated team day is tailored to the client’s needs. We use a combination of indoor business related activities as well as outdoor team challenges. The combination of the two with structured feedback makes for a powerful package. An example agenda taking 2 or 3 days could include the following.

Andrew is an exceptional consultant who is energetic, resilient and intelligent, always upbeat and motivated. He is an asset for any Learning and DevelopmentProjects”. VODAFONE TURKEY



“Deadlines” probably the most common word in a company’s vocabulary. Not usually one used for fun but we hope to change that with this activity.

This is designed for team Assessment and to identity leaders.

DEADLINE is a case oriented strategy game. This game is run using provided tablets that can use our  app. The aim of the game is to help a fashion company plan the procurement, transportation and production of clothes.

The biggest challenge is to solve the given task by choosing a solution that meets the deadline at the lowest cost. Every team is given a huge amount of information at their fingertips, such as raw material prices, production schedules and more.

The work is done under intense time pressure. and just to make things worse, your phone will not stop ringing as it keeps updating you on events that affect your decisions – flooding and trade wars to name a few!

“All in all, a very enjoyable experience..brought individuals together as part of a cohesive unit! Bridges were Built!” BORD GAIS  


Our Bournemouth Treasure Hunt, an app based GPS treasure hunt around Bournemouth city centre is great fun and very rewarding. Take in the famous streets and sights, mix with it’s people and be back in the hotel, restaurant or bar for the final prize giving.

Explore the fine Victorian buildings, St Peter’s Church, the River Bourne and more
All year round. Bournemouth team building at it’s best.

We provide tablet
Full branding with your logo and company colours
Question format: free text, multiple choice, actions, photos and times questions
Live updates and bonus questions
Add your own questions if you so wish
Copies of the photos send to you afterwards

“We had a great afternoon, and I personally enjoyed the treasure hunt immensely and would highly recommend it as a fun team building exercise.” FDT

Overview Brochure

Our famous treasure hunt and quiz around Belfast city, using our mobile number app. Great fun and very rewarding. Take in the famous streets and sights, mix with its people and be back in the hotel, restaurant or bar for the final prize giving.

  • Cathedral quarter
  • Titanic quarter
  • Royal Avenue 

Live GPS map, type an answer, choose from multiple choice, timed questions, make a video, take a photo, off challenge bonus tasks and more. See Belfast with new eyes with this challenge and join us to explore Belfast.

Our famous treasure hunt and quiz around  Winchester, using our Tablet based GPS application. Great fun and very rewarding. Visit Winchester Cathedral one of Europe’s largest cathedrals. Take in the famous streets and sights, mix with it’s people and be back in the hotel, restaurant or bar for the final prize giving.

All year round

Game options:-

  • We provide a  7″ tablet per team
  • Full Branding with your logo and company colours
  • Question format – free text, multiple choice, actions, photos, video, timed questions.
  • Add in your own questions if you wish!
  • Copies of the photos sent to you afterwards or displayed that night over dinner

Our world is struggling and needs our help. But sometimes its hard to get the time to give our world the help it needs. Therefore Plant it Project is a great CSR event perfect for sharp brains and green fingers.

Given your tools, plants, a GPS unit, a camera and a set of clues, teams are challenged to track down the right locations. At each location, the team celebrates their success by planting a tree and takes a photograph of themselves together with the people from that local community as evidence.

Pre selected locations ensure trees are planted in locations where they are welcome, such as schools, public parks, hospitals, sheltered housing communities and other public and private spaces.

The results of your work will flourish long after you’ve finished for the community to enjoy.

With our Corporate School Sports Day, you can relive your school days…without the homework as we run childhood favourites. This is a great team building event with us  supplying all the equipment and prizes.

Races include..

  • Egg and Spoon
  • Wheel Barrow Race
  • Bean Bag Relay
  • Sack Race
  • 3 Legged Race
  • Dribble Race
  • Space Hopper Derby
  • Get a Head, Get a Hat
  • Dribble
  • Croqkick (Croquet meets soccer)
  • and more

“Thank you for the great experience we had. Everybody enjoyed the sports thoroughly” LANDY

“Thanks so much for a very enjoyable afternoon – everyone loved it.” RDJ

The Circuit is a high energy, fast paced event that will have you running in circles. Ever wanted to do a team building event but your group was told it was too big? This might be an event for you as we can handle groups of 140 people or more.

All with a competitive edge, these quick-paced, physical and yet brain-teasing Outdoor Challenges will energise your team testing their split-second decision making, teamwork, motivation, management and leadership skills.  The emphasis for this event is team competition, but through leadership, communication and problem solving.

Challenges include The Web, Mindfield,  The Chase, Team Tantrix,  Ski Patrol.

“Many thanks again for a really great team activity yesterday. The feedback from our team has been fantastic.  Your team delivered a really great afternoon event for Audi Ireland with the perfect mix of activities.   Thanks for the great preparation, the fun, the team building and the memories.   We loved it!”    AUDI IRELAND

“Thanks for a good day” HARTLEY PEOPLE, Waterford

“Thank you. You guys did an amazing job. We’ve 140 very happy Italians!”  BALLYVOLANE HOUSE

We can provide your own private It’s A Knockout competition with the latest in Inflatable Games. These are the latest inflatablesfor adults. Perfect for any Team Bonding event, Company Fun Day and/or Barbeque.

Games include

Obstacle Courses, Last Man Standing, Human Table Football, Gladiator, Bungee Run, Pillow Wars, Penalty Shootout, Sumo Suits, Disco Dome.


Drumming workshop is a natural Team Building activity. It’s fun, and both relaxing and creatively stimulating at the same time.

It takes people out of their heads and literally into their hands, feet and other senses.

It allows participants to experience a heightened sense of flow and unity as we play together on the African Djembe drums.

The drumming workshop  starts by introducing the basic hand techniques we need and quickly moves into fun rhythm games like Call and Response, Mexican Wave etc. These build confidence and trust.

Then, as the participants start to gain confidence and sound better and better, we begin to build a more complex layered rhythm with the group.

Each sub group performs a different simple rhythm that interlocks to create an impressive overall piece.

Typically individuals feel a great sense of uplift and empowerment as they hear the full rhythm emerge from the individual parts.

A perfect analogy for the team as an organisation of different people working together toward a common goal.

The rhythms we choose are engaging, mesmerising and uplifting.

There is a beautiful and timeless atmosphere shared together when the whole group locks into the rhythm and groove together.

Donned in hessian tunics and relying on your speed, strength, agility and accuracy, prepare to embrace your hidden skills through this most Irish of games.

Hurleys and sliotar, turf, hay bales, wellies, horseshoes, bows and arrows, fishing rods and shotguns are just some of the tools at your tribe’s disposal as you do battle to discover who will be victorious.

Then it is off to the bar where the scores are tallied, the winners presented with their prize and a well-earned rest is enjoyed by all as the events of the day are rehashed, rewritten and no doubt aggrandized in the age old Celtic tradition!

“an outstanding time was had by all, they thoroughly enjoyed the event and would like to thank you for all your help. “ EPAY


International deals can be quite difficult. Improve your international with this team building event where teams should work together to pass objects to each other through a series of pipes, tubes, sticks etc.

Sounds simple does it? This is where the international deals come into play.

You have to stay within your zone/country  and discover there are some counties and countries that will refuse to work with you. Or they will want raw materials in return which is understandable as nothing is free.

Political disputes, old empires, double dealing, economic instability and tight deadlines all add to the mayhem. With good communication, teamwork and perhaps a little slick negotiation, it can be done.

“Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Thanks for a great experience” ACTAVIS

“it really got us talking, I cant believe how involved into the scenario everyone got” C.I.T.

You need all your skills in persuasion and charm with this event to try and warm our Dragons ice cold hearts to invest in your product.

You will need a sales and marketing plan, financial analysis and  of course a well polished presentation etc based solely on the info we provide you.

This is a fun and rewarding event, that’s been a real hit with all our clients.

Can you handle the fire from our Dragons?

“Thank you and your team for Dragons’ Den, we all really enjoyed it and found it a very worthwhile exercise.”  INDEPENDENT NEWSPAPERS Dublin

you really captured the mood of the TV show, a fabulous afternoon, well done” E and Y

*Although inspired by the television programme of the same name, the BBC or RTE, nor any of their affiliates have reviewed, approved or endorsed the content of this event

Our treasure hunt in London along the Underground is fast paced, imaginative and rewarding. You may know your route, but can you crack the clues? Will you end up in Westminister or Tottenham Court Road?

It’s a mixture of treasure hunt, quiz and Snakes and Ladders. Get a question wrong and you slip back two stops, do well and you  jump ahead.


“thanks. Everyone really enjoyed it!!! Good Laugh!!!” CROWLEY & MCCARTHY 

Can you think on your feet and blag your way to success in this team challenge event with a difference?

Based on the hit TV show, “The Apprentice” with Sir Alan Sugar here in the UK, you have to work as a team to buy, sell, blag, negotiate and finance your way to success. Fail and you are fired!

This team challenge can be done in any major city or town, where you will be asked to complete tasks with time and budget limits. You will amaze yourself having completed tasks you never thought you’d ever find yourself doing. Afterwards we relax in the hotel or conference centre for a full fun review of the day.

“I also wanted to say that the students really enjoyed the event and they seem to be much more comfortable around each other.  Thanks for all your help and a big thank you to your team, they were excellent!” UCC Corp Finance
” it was a very enjoyable experience for sure with the added bonus of raising funds for such a worthy charity” UCC MBA  
“Thank you, we will definitely recommend you guys” MONGO DB
*Although inspired by the television programme of the same name, the BBC or TV3, nor any of their affiliates have reviewed, approved or endorsed the content of this event

Participants will learn how to act as a change agent to help their organisations evolve and realise new levels of performance.

Participants will learn how to link their learning and development activity to current business needs and to develop leaders to meet future challenges.

Participants will learn how to assess, recruit and retain the talent required by their organisation.


Participants will learn how to create an effective performance management system and how to increase the level of engagement in their business.

Participants will learn how to analyse their company’s business strategy and identify the contribution an effective HR strategy makes to success.

Your team has enjoyed another successful year. You have made all the obvious improvements and your team is working hard. The rewards for success however, mean that you will be required to meet more stretching targets next year.  Your challenge will be how to get their team to recalibrate their performance so they identify what they are doing well and what can be improved.  A facilitated Team Strategy Day can help the leader by deploying all of the team co-ordination & process tasks to an neutral facilitator.

“Thanks again for yesterday,  it was a very successful day” BLIZZARD


In this programme, participants will learn how to facilitate groups so that they can analyse complex information and agree a way forward.

This programme starts by looking at the corporate learning context and how this is different from academia.  It also looks at how information is processed and how it can be forgotten quickly. With this in mind, the programme looks at the preparation phase starting with module design and room set up. Next it looks at starting off and delivering the learning modules using different training tools to maintain the learner’s interest. Finally the programme looks at people management training & closing on a high.

This programme supports the participants to manage the transition from graduate student to company employee.  The focus is on the person themselves and not simply theory.  Psychological models are used as input to activities that help increase self awareness. Time is allocated to exercises & gaining direct & honest feedback on their impact when working with others.  The first step is to increase self awareness & then to understand that others on a team may have different styles and different approaches to the same situation.  After the program participants will complete a task from their personal development plan.

In this programme, participants will learn how to increase their effectiveness and to create  personal development plans.

In this programme, participants will learn how to identify opportunities for cooperation, cross-selling & new accounts



I have worked closely with Andrew recently. I have seen , at first hand, how he is always focused on the customer and in helping them to achieve their goals. He brings a wealth of MNC and SME experiences, to his role, which are invaluable and very educational. Andrew has, at all times, helped align my business strategy towards achieving my growth plans. He has been an excellent source of advice and guidance to my business unit.” CARBON GROUP

In this program participants will learn how to move from opportunity to building rapport & establishing the customer need.

In this programme, participants will learn how to analyse your company’s strategy, identify your potential market and create a business development plan.

We will work with you to find out about your company, your company, your needs and together build a programme for your needs.  See the sample itinerary which could be included into your programme.
Your team will only deal with content that is relevant and we will be on hand throughout this process from planning, reporting and execution.

This program supports leaders to increase creativity and innovation in their teams. The focus is on the ensuring they have the practical tools and skills to analyse problems & generate innovative solutions. We will use the tools on real business problems and generate useful solutions while on the program. 

Effective competency based interviewing identifies people who will deliver today’s strategic goals and respond to future challenges. The program’s main objective is to equip leaders with the skills to recruit the best people into their teams.  The same processes can also be used to assess future talent for fast tracking into business critical positions.

This program supports leaders to understand the impact they make on others in the business. Psychological models are combined with practical activities to bring the learning instantly to life. Participants will learn how to identify the needs of their stakeholders.  Feedback will guide them to increase their personal impact and increase the range of the situations where they can have a positive impact.


Effective leaders have the skills to help their people step up & succeed.  They can deploy effective coaching to help them solve problems and realise their potential. The program’s main objective is to equip participants with effective coaching skills so they can improve their team’s performance. Participants will both understand the theory and be able to use coaching tools effectively. We use accelerated learning principles to go beyond the theory so the learning can be applied successfully back in the workplace.  

This program supports leaders to understand their role in motivating and engaging their teams.  Psychological models are used as input to activities that help increase self awareness. Participants will learn how to set work and development goals, deliver feedback and increase engagement in their team. We use accelerated learning principles to go beyond the theory and simulate real business situations so the learning can be applied successfully back in the workplace.